What affects the resale value of a home? A lot of different components. From sought-after locations to a sudden seller’s market, many variables can increase a home’s resale value. But one thing you can do as a homeowner to directly improve resale value is upgrading your home’s exterior and interior doors.

You may still be asking: does replacing your home’s doors add resale value? Yes, but only if you opt for high-quality materials and expert installation. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of upgrading your house’s exterior and interior doors to improve your home. 

Is Replacing Your Doors Worth It?

With any home improvement project, you’ll want to consider the ROI on the project before you dive in. Because exterior doors – such as front doors and garage doors – are part of your home’s facade, a new front door has an average ROI of 65%, and a new garage door has an average ROI of 93.8%, according to Remodeling Magazine.

But it’s not just the curb appeal of exterior doors that affects home resale value. Interior doors can increase your home’s value by improving its sense of privacy. All of this makes replacing old and worn-out doors a worthwhile investment with a potentially large benefit.

Does Replacing Exterior Doors Add Value?

The curb appeal from a new front door alone could add as much as $24,000 to a home’s perceived value. But how does replacing your home’s doors add value, exactly?

Attracts Potential Buyers

Your doors say a lot about the rest of your home. Cracked, chipped, and rundown exterior doors signal to buyers that the rest of your home may be in similar shape. All of this can add to purchasing anxiety, as poorly-kept doors may lead some to suspect the home’s foundation may also be in disrepair.

Welcomes Visitors

You’re not the only one thinking about how exterior doors can attract guests. Homeowners often envision their life in their potential home before buying. This means they’ll be thinking about how different types of door architecture can add curb appeal to a flat front house and enhance a home’s first impression. From Friday game nights to gameday on Sunday, buyers want a house that’s welcoming from the first glance

Adds Color

Studies show that a house with a vibrant and engaging color scheme can help encourage potential buyers to make an offer. Advances in color psychology show that our brains are very sensitive to the hues around us, and real estate agents across the country report having a harder time selling homes in less popular colors.

Improves Home Security

Old doors with weakening locks are a security threat. If your exterior doors are suffering from loose door handles, faulty locks, or broken keyholes, it’s time to upgrade your home’s exterior front entry doors. With an estimated total of 56% of all break-ins occurring through a front or back door, exterior door replacements aren’t something you want to put off.

Improves Energy Efficiency 

High-quality entrance doors can help reduce your energy bills by 15%. Fiberglass doors are your best bet when focusing on improving energy efficiency because they’re manufactured with a solid polyurethane foam core that protects your home against extreme temperatures. They’re also highly durable, reducing the likelihood of fading or denting over time.

However, if you’re a homeowner who prefers wood or vinyl doors, you can still find smart options that will improve your home’s current energy efficiency.

A picture of white sliding inside doors.

Does Replacing Interior Doors Add Value?

While not as immediately obvious to a potential buyer, interior door replacements that focus on quality door design play a huge role in increasing a home’s resale value. The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) estimates that homebuyers tour at least ten houses before making an offer, so interior door options and upgrades to your home’s cosmetics can go a long way. 

Cohesive Aesthetic Appeal

One of the benefits of interior door replacements is the aesthetic cohesion they bring to a home’s character. Mismatched doors that look like they were replaced years apart can hinder a potential buyer’s excitement over a home. Similar to exterior doors, updated interior doors can be the push a potential buyer may need to make an offer.

Increased Privacy

Updated interior doors made with high-quality materials can increase privacy, safety, and cut down on noise pollution between rooms. Whether it’s a child practicing for their first drum recital or a private study where someone can escape and enjoy some quiet time, noise cancellation is key. Interior doors that look great and serve this function are a major selling point.

When looking to upgrade your home’s interior doors, you want to keep the size and style of your rooms in mind. Regardless of quality, selecting interior doors that don’t fit the aesthetic of your home will likely do more harm than good when it comes to resale value. 

Wood doors lend themselves to a more contemporary décor while materials like glass and metal favor a more modern style. If you’re looking to enlarge the look of a room, you may opt for mirror doors, as they can make a small room appear larger. French doors can add value to your home because of their striking design, making them a good entry door to a formal dining area.

A picture of a turquoise inside door with a color matching dresser next to it.

Quality Door Design Matters Most

So, does replacing your home’s doors add value? Absolutely! Whether you’re replacing exterior or interior doors, an upgrade can increase your home’s resale value in the future and your home’s aesthetic right now. No matter what door you end up replacing, the most important component to prioritize is finding high-quality materials and expert design.

When shopping for new garage, entry, or interior doors, one of the most important factors to look for are companies with ENERGY STAR®-certified performance. By focusing on replacing doors to add value and upgrade the functionality of your home, your house will be a cut above the rest. 

At J&L, we partner with trusted contractors to offer you the high-quality materials you need to upgrade your home. For more information, visit our doors product page or contact us today for specific questions related to a product or service.